Paula Should go


I like Paula she make the show interesting some nights. I am not too fond of the new girl Kara, though. She is too long winded in her responses and it doesn't give the other judges a chance to speak.


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Is it me or did she seem a bit loopy last night? She was not making sense a lot of the time. Sometimes she makes sense, but for the most part she annoys me to no end, almost as much as Randy.


I think the show would be totally different without Paula, and not in a good way. She has a good dynamic with Simon~ a love/hate relationship going on there.
Paula is always positive and tryes to give some positive feedback to the contestants, even if it is just about their outfits.


I haven't liked Paula the whole time the show was on. She was always the one that was soft for the contestants, and gave into them. If the contestants need to get better, they need to be told the truth.
Paula isn't that bad, and I don't mind her presence on the show. I do believe she is too nice to people sometimes, but everyone needs a person like that when they are being critiqued.

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