Paused TV will jump to Live TV - DirecTV

Frequently our (Uverse) TV will be paused or playing a delayed program after pausing and will "jump to live tv" causing us to lose the remainder of the program. This will happen very frequently and after random amounts of time (could be 5 mins or as much as 45 minutes). This issue most often occurs on our main TV which is a wireless access point and not hard wired to the DVR. I cannot find anything in the Equipment and Trouble Shooting section. One community post mentions the issue but there is no resolution posted on a message to private message the company. It mentions that it may be the TV losing the wireless connection to the DVR. If that is the case then the installed wireless network is faulty as this happens frequently. I cannot call technical support as the issue cannot be triggered on demand. Anyone else have this issue or a resolution?

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