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This question is about "Pay for 200 mbps and get 88", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. From time to time i check my internet speeds, and more often than I'd like I see that I only get around 88 mbps download, even though I'm paying for 200 mbps. Today I was in chat for over an hour and even let them take a look at my screen, which I'm hesitant to do, understandably. No solution and contrary instructions, finally resulting in a complete and sudden disconnect with the support chat.
I tried disconnecting my modem and router and rebooting my computer. Same speeds.
Technician coming over tomorrow. But really, the chat support was competely ineffectual.
Oh, and if you're thinking, well, just downgrade your service and only pay for 100 mbps, you can't do that on the website. They may have been taken over by Charter, but the sales techniques remain the same. You can UPGRADE your service if you want, quite easily. But there's no way to downgrade on the website.
Same old, same old.

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