Pay per view not working, error XRE-03059



I am extremely upset right now. I have been waiting for the AEW: Double or Nothing pay per view. I ordered it earlier today at the very expensive price of $59.99. When it came close to time, I switched to channel 829, and it would not work. The time to start came and went, still nothing. It says we're having a problem on our end, try again. I've tried again and again for two hours now.

I called and spoke to people who had no idea what they were talking about. My box was reset with no help. He then said that he didn't see the purchase and to try it again. I don't have that option though, my box clearly considers it purchased. I can only go to the channel, not purchase it.

He elevated me to another woman who was no help. She was going to do a remote share screen thing, and was not able to do that either. Eventually said she was going to do a last resort reset that would take an hour!! She said she would call back in an hour.

The reset NEVER happened, and she never called back. Now I am stuck missing the show, and I'm pretty sure Comcast is going to bill me for it. This is completely outrageous. I pay so much for this service and this is what I get.

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