Pay you to fix your equipment? Yeah Right! - DirecTV

This is a classic case of the rich wanting everyone else to pay for everything. My receiver box took a dive and when I call they run the normal troubleshooting and of course can't fix it. Then they tell me-that if they come out to look at it -it will cost me $50? Are you frickin kidding me? I already pay you $1400 per year-just to watch TV! And the one time in 5 years that I have had a problem and you can't send someone to replace a piece of your equipment that isnt working? OMG! Are you cracked in the head? I can call up another TV service and not only will they come out and install it for free-they will give me a discount for the first 2 years I have it. After I had to beatch and complain and ask for a manager-she finally said they would do it for free as a "One Time Courtesy". How about this? I will let you come fix my box without asking for my money back for the last week that this box has not been performing as it is supposed to? and for the 30 minutes of my time that it takes to call someone to ask me the same questions over and over-until they finally figure out I was right-I might need a new box!! I have never had a late payment, I have automatic billing, and I have had your service for so long I can't even remember when I first got it. I have all the old equipment but it works so I don't care. You better get your customer service figured out. I have worked in Customer Service for over 25 years and this is not a positive not a friendly experience!!!!!!

This question, "Pay you to fix your equipment? Yeah Right!," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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