PC Gaming to get 3D games first before Consoles

The first place it's going to take off will be on the home PC, where the barrier to entry is a little lower. At Last Month's CES, Nvidia was showing off its GeForce 3D Vision which is a 3D solution (and available now for US $200) that eschews the polarised glasses of other systems. Instead, it uses powered active shutter glasses and a transmitter for the glasses, which results in a very convincing impression of depth. You can also adjust the level of depth on the fly.
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Bring it on!
Eh, any 3-D that requires you to wear those goofy red and blue glasses completely ruins the whole viewing experience. I remember going to a few 3-D movies when I was a kid, and after sitting for an hour with those things on, then taking them off, I still felt like I was seeing red and blue for a while.

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