peer pressure


as parents, how do you deal or handle your kids from peer pressure and influence? do you just let them do what they want or you try to be strict?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I let them do what they want, and if it turns out they did something bad, I beat them with a belt.

No but seriously, I actually do that, and I'm not joking. That's the most effective way in my opinion, what else can you do? Beating them may be illegal in Canada, but come on.. how else do you scare them besides using useless words and giving them lectures all day wasting your working time.


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I'd just go punch the guy in the face whoever's trying to peer pressure my son.. just like in Family Guy, haha just kidding. But hmm.. seriously, I've never had to deal with my kids being peer pressured or anything until now, I mean he's only 12 so yeah.. I'd do what I can for my son though, he's the most important thing in my life!


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Ah I've seen lots of threads about these kinds of things lately, I would personally just go up to the teacher/principal and talk it out. If that doesn't happen, I'd probably just do what Dish said, I mean what right do they have to peer pressure/bully anyone?


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Yeah I just let them do what they want.. if they want to go smoke/do drugs, let them be, let them learn the damned hard way. You teach them, you let them get experience, then they will come back crying to you in the end :D