Pet Breeder villified for selling U.S. Vice President a dog


Now this is a messed up story!

Fifteen minutes of fame turned into four months of bitter remorse for the Chester County woman who sold the Bidens their adorable little German shepherd puppy.

Linda Brown's been investigated, scorned and had her life threatened.

"I thought when Joe Biden bought a puppy from me, what an honor," Brown told the Daily Local News. "Out of millions of breeders in the country, in the world, he picked me."

That was December.

When the story got out, Brown faced backlash from pet lovers who thought the Bidens should have opted for a shelter over a breeder to find their new puppy.

PETA seized the moment as an opportunity to blame the killing of shelter animals on people who buy from breeders. The organization's TV commercial, "Buy One, Get One Killed" ran in Delaware after the Biden puppy story made headlines.
Way to go really know how to cease the moment with your campaigns. bah!!!!!!


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I heard about this on the news.

Just insane, that this lady is actually getting death threats- all she did was sell a dog to a nice old man and his wife, I don't see how sick and disgusting she is.


I think that is something people should thimk about more.
First take a look at your local shelter before you go to a breeder.

By the way: Other countries leave the pet in the shelters until they get a new owner. There is no timeframe, that a dog would die if is leaft more than 7 days in the shelter.


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I'm on PETA's side, Folks. There are so many animals who need homes. Breeders, by their very existence, mean that those shelter animals are ignored and then ultimately put to death. Biden should have set an example. Maybe it's not fair, but as a politician, he knows it's all about image. He had a choice, and he made the wrong one.


Peta sure is the pot calling the kettle black; they have been running this scam of adopting hundreds of shelter animals and then killing them.
At the other forums I frequent, a statement like this would need some kind of backup. I have NEVER heard of PETA being accused of something like this.


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I'm gonna agree with Boo-Ray. I don't believe that statement. It goes against everything that PETA stands for, so I would have to see some very solid proof before I'd even think about believing it.