Peter Falk Receives Star on Walk of Fame, Honored by Joe Mantegna


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Just moments ago, the late actor Peter Falk was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Speakers included Criminal Minds star Joe Mantegna, who became quite emotional when talking about Falk being one of his idols.

Mantegna relayed the story of getting his own star on the famous walk. He had asked if he could be by his childhood idol, Errol Flynn. His wish was granted. Flynn's star was behind the podium where the actor gave his speech. In fact, he said he was actually standing on his own star. When asked where Falk's star should be placed, he could not avoid requesting that it be on the other side of him. He spoke that Falk's fans will now "have to walk all over me" to reach Falk's star, something he was quite happy about. He choked up when saying how happy it made him that he was between his two idols.

Among the other celebrities present was Dick Van Dyke. At one point, they were asked to surround a large picture of Falk that was positioned in front of the new star.

Falk, known best for his beloved crusty Columbo portrayal that lasted over decades, died on June 23, 2011. aired the ceremony over Youtube. The full video will be available for viewing at shortly.