Peter Reckell Leaves 'Days of our Lives' -- Again!


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I just learned that Peter Reckell is leaving Days of Our Lives, again. That is the thing about soap operas, actors come and go, and come and go, and come and go again.

View attachment 1772 I have a hunch that the best example of this scenario is actually Kin Shriner over at General Hospital. While it has actually been a while since we have seen Shriner's Scott Baldwin, he has been on and off the show since his first appearance back in the mid-70s. He was fixture in the 80s, then left the show, which actually is what set up the whole Luke and Laura thing. He returned for the famous Luke and Laura wedding, left again, came back, and, well, the pattern has repeated itself through his last appearance in 2008.

In truth, I loved that last shot of Shriner because he had been wooing Laura again, and in the final scene, he shows up on her plane that is headed for France. He has not been seen since, but I would not count out another appearance. Shriner likes to do a couple of years and then exit. Each time, the character changes and refreshes itself. You never know if it will be good Scott, bad Scott, or a Scott that is in between.

As for Reckell, he has played Bo Brady on DOOL since 1983 when he sped into viewer's hearts on a motorcycle. He was instantly teamed with Kristian Alfonso, who played Hope Williams. Like Shriner, both have come and gone, though not quite as often as the GH veteran has. Throughout it all, Bo and Hope have been the Luke and Laura of their soap opera.

Bo and Hope have gone through a lot, but they always find their way back to each other. The question now is how Bo's exit will be done. Will he be killed off, only to return a few years from now, alive and well? Daytime dramas love that scenario. Since Alfonso just resigned with the show, it won't be a couple's exit. Fans may have some fretting to do.

The news of the departure actually came from Reckell's wife, Kelly Moneymaker, who tweeted this week, “Hard to say goodbye to characters who’ve been on 4ever!! Hard 2 believe Bo will be one of those shortly!"

Reckell is a talented fellow. He may just need to refresh his juices. He and Shriner are alike in that regard.




I think this is long overdue and thank everything he is going! When the love of Bo's life, Carly, left, it left him so out there by himself. Bo and Hope just didn't have the magic that Bo and Carly had. Days was so ridiculous to let her go or cancel her or whatever they did, but Bo and Carly were the sweetest couple and what they had was just magic and was a story in and of it's own. When Carly left, Days was over. I don't watch it now, because of that. And I know I am not the only one with that opinion. Think about it, Carly left and so did all the good story lines and all the REAL actors and it is my advice to bring Crystal Chappell back and maybe then, you might regain your show. Right now, Days is a loosing program. And once upon a time, I never would have said that!