Philips DVD/VHS player/recorder and dtv


I have a Philips DVD/VHS player/recorder,and I want to keep my 27in JVC tv, but it doesn’t have a digital converter in it. So I bought a converter box. I tried to hook up my Philips combo player,from your instructions,but it doesnt have a third red/yellow/white composite output to hook up to the tv,as you say it needs.

I have a red/green/blue composite left. Is it the same? Does it make a difference? I’ll know tomorrow I guess…but I dont want to go down to the ‘cheap’ 22in cheap LCD tv I bought,so hat I will have SOME tv tomorrow, but it is not the quality of my JVC ‘old’ analog tv.

No one has ever said why they are doing this. TV works fine as it is. Why is it going to digital? Other than to boost sales at electronic stores,and make poor people poorer,and force people to buy LCD tvs and go into debt or go without tv at all! I want to be able to record a few tv shows. But I also read on your site that my DVD/VHS player recorder can’t change the channel on its own? So I can only record onto VHS on one channel at a time, and it wont switch to another at a different time…right?

The unit is 4 years old,i know it doesnt have a digital tuner in it. I am not buying yet another converter box for it! So,even IF that red/green/blue composite works,I can only record one channel and thats it? Then i have to change it myself,leave work, come home, and change it?, to record another channel?

I assume IF I were to get cable tv, or Dish tv or some other PAY tv, I wouldn't have all these problems,right? Just a monthly bill for pay tv. Seems like an easy way to rip off consumers. Its tight times and a cable bill is not what I want,on top of buying 6 converter boxes to save 6 tv’s, and buying 2 ‘cheap’, $225 each LCD tvs.

Will this ever stop? I stuck,or can I use those composites that I have left on my Philips unit? Or is recording tv shows now gone that way of records?
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