Pick your favorites in Hulu's 'Best in Show'

We talked about Netflix's launch of the Flixies the other day, well now, in a similar sense, another online awards show is underway. It is called 'Best in Show' and is Hulu's version of the Flixies. Or, more appropriately, the Flixies is Netflix's version of Hulu's viewer-chosen awards for top shows in unique, and sometimes bizarre, categories.

This is the fourth run of Hulu's yearly awards show and was just launched on the 28th of February, as Katherine Rea reports in the Hulu blog post: Make Your Picks: Hulu's Best in Show Is Underway. After a few tiers of picks, the ultimate winner will be announced on April 4th.

Best in Show provides fans, and TV stars alike an opportunity to fight to get "their" show to rank number 1. In fact: "Last year, 'Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus promised to kiss costar Steven Yeun on the mouth if their show won," said Rea.

This year's awards show is sponsored (or in partnership with) Rolling Stones, with their pop culture critic Rob Sheffield being the first to make his picks for each category, although it seems that they won't count in determining the winner.

Fans have until Wednesday, March 6th to pick their favorites, which will determine which 16 of the first batch of 32 shows make it round 2. Hash tag #bestinshow is the tag to use in Twitter for any conversation tweets in relation to Hulu's Best in Show.

Categories include:

Barely Breathing - The Walking Dead vs. Community
Separation Anxiety - The Office vs. 30 Rock
True American vs. Chardee McDennis - New Girl vs. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Things That Go Bump In The (K)Night - The Vampire Diaries vs. Game of Thrones
"You Mad, Bro?" - American Horror Story vs. Mad Men
Happily Ever After - Once Upon A Time vs. Happy Endings
Danger Zone - Homeland vs. Archer
Sex, Lies, And Red Tape - Scandal vs. The Good Wife
Household Of Lies - House of Lies vs. Parenthood
Boardwalk vs. Bored Wasps - Boardwalk Empire vs. Girls
Methy Situations - Sons of Anarchy vs. Breaking Bad
Forever Young - Glee vs. Pretty Little Liars
The Hunger Games - Bob's Burgers vs. Revolution
Public Servants - Masterpiece: Downton Abbey vs. Parks and Recreation
Family Values - Modern Family vs. Louie

While Rea offers that Best in Show is "like March Madness, but better," many commenters so far express confusion on why one show is pitted against another for a particular category, and many so far are complaining that they don't watch the shows that are included.

From all the shows listed, I personally only have watched Sons of Anarchy regularly, which as of this writing has only 19% of the votes in its battle with Breaking Bad (which incidentally is Rolling Stone's choice).