Picture goes OFF..screen goes black...with static noise - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Picture goes OFF..screen goes black...with static noise", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. TWC sent a repair man to the house even though I told them the issue is NOT in my home as another neighbor had the exact same issue. He spent 1-1/2 hours checking & said he couldn't find anything (of course he didn't, the problem is not in my house) . He said he had to send a request for an outside maintenance person. I followed up twice and the request was never submitted. Then customer support reps would say they couldn't do anything because request hadn't been submitted so THAT became the new issue and meanwhile the TV problem was the non-issue for them. My experience with TWC is the equivalent of being treated like the proverbial "rat-in-a-maze"... go round and round but never take one step closer to a resolution. In 60 years, we simply turned on TV and didn't think about it. These past few years with TWC have been terrible and to make matters worse, we have to pay for this treatment. We spent our first couple of years calling TWC due to viewing problems which took that long to fix. Amazing how their reps seem clueless about the issues I have, like I'm the only person with the technical problems. The outside maintenance reps can come even during the evening hours so we'll never know if they've been here or not. Talk about ignoring a customer...TWC takes the prize!

This topic covered Picture goes OFF..screen goes black...with static noise, and TWC cable tv service.

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