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I had Directv for the last going on 4 years but cancelled in December 27th and sent back my receiver which was a H24/200 .
Well , I just resigned back up and yesterday which was Saturday , they came and connected me. I asked for the same kind of receiver since it was excellent .
They did replace my receiver and I asked for the same kind which I had before.

But the pictures on all channels are not the quality that they were before. The pictures have very dark backgrounds. So dark that you cannot see very clearly what is in the background on a lot of them. It looks like night. Forget about trying to watch anything with night scenes as you can hardly make out the images. The pictures also have a green tint. Those which are very bright like a bright purple background , makes everything with a purple tint. So the background colors are all wrong.

This is the same kind of receiver I had before which I did not have any of these problems with . Could it be defective ? Also should not they have put me in a new dish ? My dish was a HD Slimeline dish that I have had for going on 4 years Should not they have replaced this too. Please help me if you can.

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They probably won't replace the dish: if it was good before, it's good now... they generally don't go bad.
I'd suspect a faulty receiver for sure. Have them come back and make it right ASAP, if you wait too long they might say it was good but went bad while in your possession - making it your problem, not theirs.


Hey , thanks so much. I will call them and have someone come out. But when the man installed it , I commented to him that the color did not look right. He kind of brushed it off and told me that I could change the settings on my tv , but no I cannot. They were set this way always without a problem and changing them won't help I tried. I hope they don't send this man back.