Pixelated/Frozen Picture, Green screen, no audio, non responsive remote and XRE-03097



Since Friday, I've been experiencing picture/sound issues during the Mornings and evenings after dinner. This issue doesn't occur during the middle of the day, just monrning and evening.

The picture becomes blocky and the audio drops out. Sometimes half the screen turns green and the rest of the picture is frozen. The remote stops working all together or if it does work, it has serious lag. And I keep getting intermittent XRE-03097 error messages that say "Please Try Again".

I've rebooted the system several times and seems to solve the problem but the issues start to reappear so a reboot doesn't solve the problem. Chacked my HDMI cable. Tried a different port on the TV. Checked the 75 Ohm coax cable and made sure it was tight.

Called in and the automated system wants to reboot my system. Fine, I let it do it again and then have to call back for tech support. They run me through a trouble shooting checklist and told me that the picture and sound issues are due to SOLAR ACTIVITY.

While I understand the solar interruption is possible, given that the issue occure at peak times like the moring and early evening, I suspect this may not be the driver. Espeically since this has happened to me before and it was always a signal issue on Comcast's side.

Since this post XRE-03097 - This Program is Not Available at This Moment - X1 Error Message - Xfinity Support tells me to contact comcast, I did. They can't find anything wrong but suggest I change out my box to a new box. It's a few years old. Now I have to drive an hour to get a new cable box.

Can someone offer me a different perspective on this? Are they just guessing when they say replace the box? Is it signal issue like I've had for years? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

"Pixelated/Frozen Picture, Green screen, no audio, non responsive remote and XRE-03097," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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