Pixelating ONLY during commercials - DirecTV

Hi, We've recently been through all sorts of issues with our Directv HR-34 700 Genie. Directv doesn't make the best hardware, in my opinion, so we've been resistant to ask for a replacement, especially since we have quite a bit of stored programming on our HR-34 we'd like to watch before we seek new hardware.

And some of the issues we've had with the HR-34, mostly freezing for a few seconds quite often, has, for reasons completely unknown, seemed to stop lately. Oh joy. But here is the new issue, although it's more of a curiousity than an issue. The programming works fine, whether live or recorded on the DVR. BUT, commercials???? Constantly, the commercials freeze, pixelate, almost throughout the entire commercial. Then when the commercial if over, it's fine again. I don't typically watch commercials anyway, thus the reason I DVR most all programs and fly through the commercials. But these commercials are hard to fly through because the system freezes and pixelates throughout the commercial.

So what is different about commercials versus programming in between commercials??? I've seen it enough over the past few weeks to say, wow, more commercials, more pixelating... What could cause this??? And better yet, what might I do to get rid of it???


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