Pixelation on local channels



It started with just my local nbc channel. In 2 days my local fox, nbc, cbs, abc are all unwatchable. Now pbs, espn, and own are starting to pixelate. Reboot, refreshing did nothing. Tech came out to check signal outside and said signals are good and he doesn't know why. Got a new box and new hdmi cord and no change. I figure I will just watch the SD nbc and it is either error code 03059 or pixelation. The other SD channels (fox, cbs, nbc) are watchable.

Customer service told me there will be no tech home visit until covid 19 is over so he is guessing maybe in July. So in the meantime I have all these unwatchable channels. Any suggestions? My wifi is fine. I am very frustrated. I will be fighting to get some credit on my account for this issue.

"Pixelation on local channels," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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