Pixelation on most channels all the time - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Pixelation on most channels all the time", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. It seems to be a coincidence that every channel I watch, I experience pixelation that makes the program difficult to watch. Since establishing service, I've had two techs out (I'm assuming corporate techs if that makes a difference) to address issues with the guide on the 210 box (see my other post on performance issues with Spectrum 210 box). Both techs have checked signal levels inside and outside and have determined that everything is in order.

With that being the case, is there some correlation between the guide issues I've experienced and the pixelation? I have DVR evidence of the pixelation, but I know that live pixelation would be better to show a tech. I'd like to have a better viewing experience.

This topic covered Pixelation on most channels all the time, and TWC cable tv service.
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