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I have an outdoor directional antenna mounted on the roof of a one story house. The TV signal meter shows that my signal strength is fluctuating between 88 and 96 percent. This seems like a strong signal but unfortunately I still get random pixels and cuts in the audio. Is the fluctuation in strength an indication that my antenna is pointed incorrectly or needs to be replaced? It is missing one or two elements from storm damage? It also unfortunately points almost directly into the trunk of a tree about 20 feet away. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks, Mark

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Your antenna meter is not a signal strength meter, it reports signal quality: a very weak signal with excellent quality will indicate exactly what you are seeing on your meter. If possible, please identify your antenna or post a photo for us. Depending on the damage you reported, that may be the problem. It would also help if you posted the resulting URL for your free antenna reception survey for us to study, available here: TV Fool Please use your street address and include the maximum height where you could mount your antenna: that website will automatically conceal your personal information for your security.

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