Plan to switch to Direct TV (on Apple TV) - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Plan to switch to Direct TV (on Apple TV)", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. We are not big TV watchers but my kid likes to watch Disney. Over past 2 years i have had several calls with TWC on topic of Disney channels. All was well about 18 months back. Then all of a sudden few Disney channels disappeared. I was asked to pay additional $5/mo to get them back. I did just that.

Now, my kid wants to watch GIRL MEETS WORLS Season 3, Episode 21. It was released on Jan 20th. But TWC (Spectrum) site says 'airing' on Jan 29th.

My question, does it mean that TWC/Spectrum airs such Disney programs much after the release date? What am i missing?

If i try to log into Disney channel elsewhere on some app, it refuses connection citing that SPECTRUM does not support HDMI cable (i think it has issues with Apple TV).

So fkn confused. Has to be simpler than this if kid wants to watch a show.

This topic covered Plan to switch to Direct TV (on Apple TV), and TWC cable tv service.