Planet Earth Survived (again) in spite of Howard Camping and the Mayans

Fringe Reception

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Family Radio's President and Minister Howard Camping predicted our World would end around September 6, 1994 and then he revised it to May 21, 2011. For some unknown reason his multimillion dollar business still had followers, so he revised the date exactly six months into the future to October 21, 2011 and if you're reading this, you are still here. Harold Camping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So, bump up another 14 months because today marked the Mayan calandar's (alleged) prediction of the end of our World. Still reading this? You're still here.

Here is a link to 29 more bizarre photos from Mercury News: Photos: Mayan Calendar – “End of the World”…….Wrong! – - Mercury News Media Center

It looks like the Mayan followers had a lot more fun.