Plasma Calibration


Is there a best option for calibration that will make my plasma tv last longer? The options on my unit are vivid, custom, standard, cinema, and game. We're big tv users and want it to be set up to give us the longest life possible.


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Sorry. Wish I could help, but that's way over my head. I don't mess with the settings on my TV. Then again, I don't have a plasma, either. :}
Plasmas will hold their color for as long as a CRT will. Movie mode is best, it's dimmer, and better suited for dark viewing environments. Tone down the brightness, gamma, and cell intensity, and should ultimately save on the rgb phosphor life. Some TV's can have a mode unlocked so there is a Cal Day, and Cal night setting which could be utilized in this case.. The TV will probably last you quite sometime without worries.
What brand and model are you using??