Plasma or LCD?


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Hi guys, im confuse about LCD and Plasma...what are their edges from each other? what is the best choice for you, and why?

Thanks in advance!;)


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Plasma is much more expensive than LCD. Check into LED LCD which is comparitive to Plasma, consumes much less power, and less money.
I doubt there is much of a difference between the 2 technologies anymore. At least not the way they used to since both technologies have been ironing out their relative weaknesses for quite some time now.
Plasma are really good and expensive too in comparison with LCD.
If you have the large room then you can have plasma.
If you have small room or you watch it from near it'll be good to have LCD tv.
I prefer LCD.


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That's the one good thing about not rushing out and getting the new thing on the block as soon as it comes out. You wait a while, let them discover and iron out the bugs, and then go out and get the best choice. My big screen has been hanging on; sooner or later, it'll require replacement. By then, I want have all those problems in choosing LCD versus Plasma.
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