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I'm almost constantly getting this "playback issue :: 8001" error- and I get it regardless of whether I'm connected to my Comcast internet at home or attempting to view on mobile data. It happens with both my iPhone and my wife's iPhone, with our iPad, and with an android device my mother owns. And when I get the 8001 error for an episode, that's it. I can never get it to play that episode on a mobile device. Restarting the app doesn't work, neither does restarting the device. Trying to wait it out and give it another try later never works, nor does starting another saved episode of the same show, or a different one, then going back to the episode I'm attempting to view. Once I get that 8001 error, that episode is just oddly, permanently unavailable on a mobile device, though it will work on the cable box when viewed on the TV.

Another, and more infuriating, issue I experience nearly every time I try to watch a recorded show from a mobile device is having a show description read that the episode I'm looking at is, correctly, 67 minutes long, but when I start the show (if I don't get the playback issue 8001) the episode length then immediately and inexplicably shortens to anywhere between 3 minutes and 17 minutes, give or take a few minutes- though I don't know that I can recall it ever being longer than 17 minutes. Again, once this issue occurs- that's it... nothing I do will restore the rest of the program on a mobile device, though, as with the 8001 error, it works just fine on the TV.
Any help would be appreciated- but please keep in mind I've already attempted to restart and reset all the apps and the hardware involved, including the cable box, the iPad and iPhones, the android device, and the modem/wifi router.

Thanks in advance for your attention to these really, seriously irritating problems.

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