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I’m having trouble viewing NBA League Pass recordings. One problem is technical, the other is DirecTV procedure.

I subscribe to NBA League Pass but not to the Sports Pack. I record 5 games most nights on the Genie HR44 in my Family Room. If I initiate viewing a game at the Family Room TV, I briefly see a message that “the channels are not in my package” and I think code 721. After this message goes away, the playback continues okay.

If I initiate playback from the HR20 attached to my Living Room TV, I get a blank screen with a progress bar and can’t fast forward or do anything to begin the playback. I have to go to the Family Room TV, start playback, see the message, stop playback, then that game will playback in the Living Room.

I think I should be able to initiate playback on any remote TV and see any issue messages without going to the DVR where the recording originated. I’ve had this problem with other recordings because it wanted to tell me things like "there was signal loss during recording”.

If it is technically impossible to send the message to the remote TV, the NBA problem could be solved by unlocking the channel 1 minute before the game. The DVRs all start 10 to 15 seconds early but if the channel was already unlocked the issue wouldn’t exist.

My second problem is with the DirecTV Control Room. I’ve had several games cut off before the game was over, once it was two games on one day. Yes the games were under a minute and the outcome not in doubt but it is annoying to have someone shooting a free throw and the screen goes black. Last year the channels weren’t blocked until the Post Game show finished. That may be too long but a minute or two after the final buzzer is not too much to ask.

I gave up and subscribed to the Sport Pack and all these problems disappeared. However, I resent spending an additional $13 every month to get clean access to the NBA games I already purchased.

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