Playback stops abruptly and asks to delete? - DirecTV

I have the Genie Gen 1 (HR34-700) with 3 small receivers connected to it. I have noticed more frequently we will record a show, but when playing back it will stop abruptly and ask to delete. The playlist will show the full show recorded as well as during playback the bar will show the full 1:00, but will stop at 0:45 or 0:50 and ask to delete. No, this does not happen on just one channel or show as it's happened on ABC, FOX, and Spike. No, this is not a signal problem as I have well over 90 on all signals and it does NOT happen on any of my other DVR's. No, this is not a reset my receiver issue as I have already done that. This is getting very annoying DirecTV! I've called and talked w/Tech Support and sure enough they have no clue what I am talking about. I even sent a link to complaints about this online.

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