Playboy Channel - XFinity

I pay a monthly fee for the Playboy channel, have had it for years. All of a sudden if I want to DVR anything I have to pay a fee, this is double charging and I am pretty sure not legal. Comcast states they just offer the channel, NOT TRUE. I am a comcast customer, it is a charge on the Comcast bill which makes Comcast resposible. You do not want responsibilty do not offer it. IF you have a gun ion your house and someone shoots themselfs not the guns fault it was in your house. You need to either stop double charging or on a monthly basis decide if you want to refund the charge to DVR or keep the DVR charge and refund four years of the monthly payment.

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Playboy channel subscription price

How much to you pay per month, been searching, can't find out how much it is without talking to someone