Please add at least 1 more TV box to continue.



I find it very shady that comcast does not include the additional 10/month for an "additional tv" upfront. I have 1 tv. I do not want to add an additional tv box. But you will not let me buy a package unless I add another 10/month for an additional tv. If you want to force another 10/month then just do it in the base price. Now I am looking at dumping comcast because of this shadiness. You advertise a $150/month package that became $177.94/month. This is not upfront behavior and makes me HATE comcast. Bad management decision. It make people feel misled. Others have complained about forcing an additional tv box as well months ago and STILL you keep that user experience and then say it is a bug. No it is not a bug. It is a greedy bad management decision which makes us want to cut the cord and go to sling.

"Please add at least 1 more TV box to continue.," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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