"Please connect to your in-home Wi-Fi". I am... - XFinity

I have a Fire Stick that I am trying to get work with the Xfinity Stream Beta. It mostly works, but some stations are giving me a "Please connect to your in-home Wi-Fi" message.

At the bottom of the error message, it says "Out of home: <unknown ssid>"

I have confirmed that my fire stick is in-fact connected to my primary in-home network.

When I run the app on my iPad, it shows the correct name of my network at the bottom, but still won't let me watch.

I DO have a Google Wi-Fi network attached to my XFinity Modem which is in bridge mode. Do I HAVE to use the Xfinity Wi-FI network for these apps to work? I swear I didn't used to have to do that, and if so, makes them far less appealing.

Any ideas?

This question, ""Please connect to your in-home Wi-Fi". I am...," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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