Question: Please help a novice with his new HDTV antenna setup?


Hi everyone,

We recently cut our cable TV service and installed a MOHU-S60 multi-directional antenna on our roof. We currently have two HDTVs connected via an RCA 4-Way x 50-900MHz Coax Splitter x 10 dB Amplifier (two exits are capped) located in our basement. A 30' RG6 Coax cable connects the antenna to the splitter, one TV is fed with a 20' length of RG6 and the second is fed with a 30' length of RG6. We will add a third TV soon on a 30' RG6 lead. Our TVFool report page is: TV Fool. We get the following channels:

Call Sign Channel Netwrk Miles Deg Location NM(dB) Path Reception
KNLC 14 (24.1) IND 43 349 St. Louis 23.0 2Edge Excellent
KMOV 24 (4.1) CBS 54 6 St. Louis 6.8 2Edge Excellent
KPLR 26 (11.1) CW 57 4 St. Louis 2.9 2Edge Excellent
KDNL 31 (30.1) ABC 57 4 St. Louis 2.7 2Edge Excellent
KSDK 35 (5.1) NBC 56 4 St. Louis 2.3 2Edge Excellent
KTVI 43 (2.1) FOX 54 1 St. Louis 2.0 2Edge Excellent
KETC 39 (9.1) PBS 50 0 St. Louis -3.9 2Edge Poor & Intermittent
KFVS 12 (12.1) CBS 54 115 Cape Girardeau 6.1 2Edge Some Pixels
WSIU 8 (8.1) PBS 68 69 Carbondale 0.8 2Edge Never Recieved

We would be totally satisfied if we could get good reception on a PBS station. Any sugestions on how we could tweek our existing setup? Perhaps a different splitter/amplifier? Also, we will consider switching to a uni-directional "deep fringe" HDTV antenna if we could then get good reception on KETC in St. Louis, even though we would lose reception on KFVS in Cape Girardeau. Therefore, recomendations for the best antenna for St. Louis reception at our location will be welcome. Thanks in advance.


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Try using only ONE coax to just one TV - splitting signal causes losses. Even if the ends are capped or not in use, you are losing signal with each split. Also, since you are working with edge signals, try moving your antenna around NSEW / up or down. A few feet can make a big difference with 1 and 2 edge signals. If you plan on splitting to more than 1 TV, this antenna / amp combo may not be up to the task. If that's the case, we can suggest some other options.

The PBS stations you can get are pretty weak signals. If you still can't get them after trying everything else, I would suggest a ROKU box and install the "PBS" and "PBSkids" channels. They are free channels, and have all the content from PBS on-demand.


Thanks Mr. Pogi,

Yes it sounds like the ROKU-PBS option would solve my problem, since I am happy with the quality of the reception of the other network/stations I am receiving from St. Louis. However, as my original post stated, I am using a 4-way splitter x 10 dB amplifier to supply two TVs (two ports are capped), and I want to add a third TV soon and a fourth sometime in the future. Will adding TV's effect the signal strength to the existing TVs? A similar question would be; can I take one of the existing TVs offline and cap its port on the splitter and improve the signal to the remaining TV? Would getting a higher power (dB) splitter/amplifier help? Finally, what is the best uni-directional antenna I could get to pick up my St. Louis Channels?

Thanks again,


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Your distribution amplifier works like a 4-way signal splitter and capping its outputs ensures unwanted signals can't enter the system via an open port.

I just tried to access your antenna survey and that website is currently offline, so I can't make an antenna recommendation. I'll try again, later.


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