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I have a basic comcast cable package and an old analog tv with an older vcr. I was given one box for free through comcast but I love to record my tv shows. However, I would like to watch another channel while recording another at the same time. They told me if I shut off my converter I will get channels 2-29. Please tell me there is another way around this. I have read in order to receive all the channels I get through my converter, to get another converter box? Do I have to go through comcast to get another one? If so, will they allow me to do this?


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You'll only be able to record what you're watching with your VCR.

You may want to check into renting a DVR from them, it's pretty cheap but you can watch one channel while recording another.

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Just to add on to what Aaron62 mentioned, the difference between recording with the DVR (if you were to get one) and a VCR is that the DVR has 2 separate tuners which allows you to record one channel while watching another. The VCR records by being connected to the single tuner in your Comcast box.


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The DVRs are about $10 a month the last time I checked. I'd check on buying one. To me it's like renting a modem -- why rent? It's wasting money. If this is something you want to keep doing, buy one. It'll pay for itself soon enough.