Please ID


I wasn't sure when I put it up but it actually performs pretty well for my location. I doubt it's the "best" antenna for this location. Wish I'd gone ahead and put a rotor on the mast. Still want to test an HBU33 in its place when I get time.


I am not 100% positive but I think those are chinese antennas designed for the chinese UHF band.
They're Chinese-made, all right, as Digiwave briefly describes its factory location there in the About Us section of their site. However, I believe ANT-7286 is aimed at the European TV market. Digiwave specifies it's intended for 470 MHz to 862 MHz and channels 21-69. This is a 392-MHz band with 49 channels of 8 MHz each, instead of the 6-MHz channels used in the Americas.