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Since I cannot edit, I will add - I live in a Ranch style house so my roof I would guess is 20-30 feet off the ground and I would only need the antenna for 1 TV. I don't watch much TV, I would like to watch the news if I needed to by using the antenna. Everything else I can stream. In 2 days I am disconnecting phone & cable but I will be keeping Internet service.

Are there any other questions I need to answer?
To get started, at least, a cheap set of "rabbit ears" sitting above or next to your TV should give you the opportunity to get a number of network affiliates. I don't think you'll need anything more than that to pick up all the "Big Three" networks, plus PBS and MyNetwork TV. A roof-mounted omni-directional antenna should pick up Fox if you're interested in Football and the World Series (you might even get Fox with the rabbit ears). If you're wanting a few more options, a directional antenna will be a better option.

Roof-mounted antennas are almost universally better than attic mount. If you do that, I'd recommend a 4-bay or 8-bay UHF antenna, since only WTNH (RF channel 10) is VHF-hi, and it will probably come in well enough on a UHF antenna. Many such antennas have a hinge in the middle that allow you to point them in two directions at once. You can point one side toward the north to pick up the channels coming from that general direction, and you have another set of strong signals coming from the southeast, where you can point the other set.

Here's an inexpensive option to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Others here might recommend a different brand or specific model that would work best for you.


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That's great news and definitely worth a try with the rabbit ears! I currently have a broken leg so won't be climbing anytime soon. Thanks for the advice :)

I will try the rabbit ears first and move to a bigger antenna (if needed) when I'm back on my two feet again.
The nice thing is, you have multiple stations with strong signal in your area. Barring interference from reflections off mountains or buildings, or even from the walls of your house, you should have plenty of strong, clear signal to pick up. If you find that you're not picking up many channels, it's likely you have some interference nearby. You'd then need a directional antenna like the one I linked to break through the interference (like I said, it's a cheap option).

I am currently using rabbit ears on three TVs until I have an opportunity to rewire my house for an attic antenna (Hey! It's hot in the ATL!). On one TV I'm picking up 15 or so stations with over 40 channels, one of them over 45 miles away and behind a mountain. Other TVs get fewer stations. So if you're lucky you've got potential for a number of stations, and if you're not lucky you won't get as many.

I hope you're lucky. Rabbit ears can be as inexpensive as $10 and should never cost you more than $25.

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:welcome: MedicRN

Your antenna survey is especially promising since it was resolved at 5' above ground level rather than at roof height or above. Please let us know your results with Rabbit Ears. Good luck!