Please tell me you watch Girls

Okay, so I watched the most recent episode last night and I really need to talk about it. I'm posting this on hopes that other people watch this on a regular basis too? Also, I will have spoilers in this. So if you don't watch this show and you want to, I would not suggest watching this.

So, I'm not really digging the new Adam dramz that's happening. I find it really boring. I understand that the point of this is that Adam is starting to actually socialize with other humans -- without Hannah (gasp) -- but I'm not really buying how quickly this is all happening.

Todd from AV Club said he views this show as a series of short stories in Hannah's memoirs about her life. I like that theory but even then, it's accelerating too quickly. Adam even borrowed a motorcycle to go visit Hannah all the way in upstate (?) in no time at all. And now, he rather read than just hang out with her? What is this?

I dunno. I'm going to have to suspend some disbelief so I can enjoy the rest of this season. But for now? Not feeling too great. Maybe it was all the Patti Lupone.


Is this the show where an interviewer as one of the actor-resses why the randon "walkin around nude" scenes...and they went off on him like he was crazy?
I really like Girls. I came to the show late because I've been burned by a string of hipster comedies that failed to meet the Shakespearean criteria of having 'a joke' in them. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the show was full of brilliantly crafted one-liners, it was comedy aimed at hipsters not for hipster audiences, and seemed to get exponentially funnier as it went on.

As to what's going on with Adam, I remember being really thrown the first time Adam started to exhibit heteronormative behaviour i.e. at the end of Season 2 when he started dating another woman and socializing with her friends, but it was made pretty clear then that he couldn't maintain this for long without returning to old habits. So we know he has a part of him that craves normal human being status but can't achieve it. At least Adam is played in such a way that he's ambiguous as a character, and can go to extremes of different behaviour. It's also kind of similar to how our views of Hannah and Marnie (especially Marnie!!!) have changed over the course of the series.
I'm glad you don't hate the show! A ton of people just keep saying a lot of terrible stuff about it / Lena Dunham when they haven't even given it a chance. And James, yeah, it's the one that had an interviewer piss Judd Apatow off. It's good stuff!

I like the fact you call Adam heteronormative because that is the most bizarre word someone can use to describe Adam. He's just so weird, he couldn't even fake it for that long (also why I loved when Hannah called him a "stray dog"). But now that he's acting normal, I don't even like him that much! I liked the fact he was insane and yelled a lot and had crazy mood swings.

Though yes, his most redeeming feature is how he can't be pinned down easily by any label. A lot of characters on the show call him flighty, but I don't think that's it either. I think Jessa's flighty, although that's a whole other conversation to be having haha.
I think my favorite description of Adam was that he has the 'face of an old timey criminal'! I don't think he's flighty either. Weirdly, Adam is the character who seems to value commitment and loyalty (in his own bizarre way) more than any other in the show. I'm really surprised how much I enjoy Jessa as a character now. I initially thought she was another British add-on in an American show (quickly becoming the international version of the 'best friend' character) but she's really developed into a fascinating character who makes me laugh a lot.
Jessa is a complete mess and I go between loving it and feeling a little weird about it. This is contrast to how I feel about Hannah which has been "wow, you have a job!" to "oh my god, how are you doing this right now." Adam is still upsetting me, mostly because I feel like I could relate to some (read: very few) of the things Hannah's going through whereas Adam is still an enigma to me.