Poking fun at the DTV transition

I wanted to take some time to poke some fun (and blast out the FCC and lobbyists for not handling this whole thing the right way) and talk about some annoyances about the nature of DTV broadcasts. We all know it's an all-or-nothing kinda thing. It's funny when I have friends over and we sometimes take turns holding the antenna in weird ways around the room to watch a channel.

So I know alot of people out there who are stuck with using rabbit ears only, and no mater what they do they can't catch a signal, they just say screw it.

"Honey, can you go up on the roof and rotate the antenna? Leno's on in 5 minutes!"

"If I hold the antenna and pose like the statue of liberty using the antenna as the torch, I can get sesame street for a few minutes before my arm starts getting tired"

Lol, anymore?
There used to be a Youtube video about an old lady and the DTV Transition. i'll see if i can find it.



Static, i used to do the same dance back when we had OTA TV before Cable. i used to don alluminum foil suits and find ways of manipulating the antenna in ways that we'd pick up channels from who-knows-where. granted it wasn't DTV but i also tried a similar foil-rabbit-ear-coax cable hack into one of our early cable set-top boxes in the 1980s and for about 5 minutes had the Playboy Channel on, albeit in reverse video (blue grass, green sky, people's faces were backwards color) but it was watchable. this was back when the adult-channels and movie networs were 'Pay channels' and they were 'scrambled' and calling up the cable co. and paying a certain fee would for 24 hours 'descramble' the pay networks. this was primitive Pay-Per-View, or it's close predecessor. some channels were scrambled worse than others and it didn't take a lot to descramble some of the less-scrambled channels.
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Jason Fritz

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"Honey, can you go up on the roof and rotate the antenna? Leno's on in 5 minutes!"

I think the government should have used this phrase as their DTV slogan,

"DTV; all you need is a converter box, and an antenna, if that doesn't work, try an outdoor antenna, if that doesn't work, try mounting the antenna higher, if that doesn't work, try a bigger antenna, if that doesn't work...too bad"



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Sometimes i wish Mama's Family lasted long enough to show Thelma Harper vs. DTV. that would've been a scream!
haha or Archy Bunker vs. DTV Converter.

"DTV, it's a step forward in technology, only in perfect conditions."

"Honey, since you're holding the antenna up there, can you dust off the top of the TV cabinet?" :p