Poor Mike


I love The Biggest Loser. I love the transformations of these people. Not only their bodies but their lives, the people around them. They become healthier inside and out.

My favorite team is already gone this season. Blaine and Dane. My 2nd favorite is Filipe and Siene. They are great competitors.

Last night's show was a To Be Continued- I hate that! reality show to be continued.

Mike has to lose 10 pounds or 2 people are voted off. All season he has been pulling his and his dads weight! It's crazy. I hope he does it....

Anyone watch the show?


I love The Biggest Loser too!
My favorites are Flippe and Sieone. They are really hard workers. They had such a hard time when they got switched from Bob to Jillian!

The ex-models drive me crazy! I wouldn't miss them if they get voted off.

I felt bad for poor Mike too. Nothing like putting him on the spot! I couldn't believe that it was to be continued. I DVR'd that show and thought that I cut the end off, so was so happy to find out that it was continued...not that I want to wait the whole week to see what he ended up loosing.