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For poor picture quality, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I just bought a new HDTV big screen tv. The picture quality is poor when i am watching directv. When i watch a DVD or play a video game it looks fine. Also, when i split the screen and watch two different things the satellite looks fine (but half the size because it is half the screen). The receiver i have is the basic one which is about 2 months old. Do i need to upgrade to another receiver for better picture quality? I am not really worried about the HD channels right now, i just want the regular channels to work.
Often, people who think they're watching TV in high definition are actually watching it in standard definition. To enjoy DIRECTV HD, please make sure all the following conditions are met:

- You have an HD-ready television with a resolution of at least 720p
- You have a DIRECTV HD® Receiver or DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR Receiver that is set to an HD resolution.
- Your HD receiver is properly connected to your HDTV with an HDMI cable or component cables. Learn how to connect your receiver to your TV
- You're watching a program on an HD channel that is broadcast in HD (if you're not sure, check if the show you're watching has an HD icon in The Guide).


Ilovetv, did you even read the posyer's statement? I did, and you didn't answer that question. You're an advertisement for DirecTv HD. It was stated that the poster could see video other than thru the DVR, just fine.

I too have with the same issue. Netflix, DVD's, etc have a wonderful picture so it's not the TV. We are Both wondering why the picture, standard def, is such low quality. Personally, mine looks like the old television days of wavy picture/signal with waves of top left to bottom right within the viewing area. Anybody have an answer?
Thank you.


DTV bad picture quality

Exact same issue. I have a brand new 4K tv that plays amazing quality on Netflix and Youtube but when it plays HD DTV channels it is so bad it looks like a tv from the 80's. Already had 2 visits from 2 different techs and they could not figure it out. Now they are sending a Tech that was originally with DTV before AT&T bought them. Will post the fix if they find it