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Comcast customer for over 20 years. Was using a legacy plan with two RNG100 boxes and two cable cards. Internet speed was 125/5. I have purchased my own DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem (on the approved list). Everything working 100% for years with NO issues at all.

I wanted to get faster Internet speeds so I called and asked. I was able to change to 650/15.

BUT was told in order to do that I HAD to change to X1. That I had to bring my cable boxes and cable cards in and get X1 hardware.

Internet speeds are great. Speed tests consistently showing a little over 650/15.

But that is the only good thing in this whole ordeal.

Bad things follow....

Cable cards - I turned in my two cable cards and the Comcast store rep gave me two "new" X1 cards. THEY WERE THE EXACT SAME MAKE AND MODEL!!! I took pictures of the old and "new" cards. I was told that they were paired and I was good to go. Just plug them in when I get home and they should work. HAH!!! Nice joke. Two hours later and multiple phone calls and I finally had both of them working.

Cable box - Received a Pace XG2v2 box. It routinely has problems. Try and change a channel and I often get a message "We're having trouble connecting to the Internet. Blah, blah, check your cables, blah, blah, go online to support/status, blah, blah. Error code RDK-03033".

This forces me to power cycle the box (unplug power, wait a bit, plug power back in). Then I get to wait about 5 to 10 minutes for the thing to boot up.

Really? Really? With my old RNG100 boxes I never once had a problem changing channels. Great job X1!!!!

Then some of the time when I have to power cycle the XG2v2 box it doesn't even boot up. Get a nice red screen "Sorry, we're having some trouble, blah, blah, lighten cables, blah, blah, restart, blah, blah. Error code RDK003004.

And yes, the cable line is nice and securely attached at both the wall and the box.

I wish that I had never tried to get an improved experience from Comcast. I wish that I could get back my old hardware that just worked.

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