POP3 settings going away or problems with Spectrum? - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "POP3 settings going away or problems with Spectrum?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. For the past week I have been unable to connect to my roadrunner email using the same POP3 settings I've had for years. I was using this instead of IMAP for the purposes of pulling email off-line to store it on my PC and not clutter any of my mobile devices. I did create a new account using IMAP and that works just fine but I don't want to populate my cellphone with all the storage folders I use at home. I cannot find any causes online for what's happening so my only guess is that maybe POP3 is a holdover from older Windows versions and it's being phased out? And yes, my dinosaur PC is still windows7 using windows live mail as the client.

POP3 settings going away or problems with Spectrum??