Portable Battery Operated TV


My area is often being affected by frequent power outages , bad weather and hurricanes , I mainly use a portable battery operated TV set to watch local news and evacuation reports. My question is can i still use portable sets after transition ?


If it has a RF antenna input, you can use the convertor.

You might need to purchase an adapter to fit your TV, something like this: RF F to RCA M adapter> RCA F to 1/8 Mono M Adapter

All you'll need is to get a different antenna. What works best depends on the usual factors.

For you road-trippers: Make sure you're fully familiar with the Auto-tune function, you will use it a lot whenever you take a rest stop break, or stay at the HOA parkgrounds. Tune it, then move your antenna around until you get the best signal strength, then re-tune to get all the channels. If it's worse, try a different "guide" channel to tune in the rest.
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