Review: POS Software for Restaurants (Point of Sale)

Hi folks! I want to share a review on one of the POS Software that I tested this week. I am really a fan of making reviews and tell everybody some tips. I also love building things at home like my Home Theater PC. This makes me a fan of DTVUSA forum. Thank you so much by the way for giving me the chance.

Kroid Cloud POS is a point of sale software you can install in your Android device - meaning you can use this by just using your tablet. You will need a POS Software if you own a restaurant, bakeshop, or any store that requires automation on ordering and payments.

What is good with this app is first it has a 30-day free trial period after you download it from Google Play. That would be enough time for you to test the software. Second, so far, after testing some of the POS Software on Google Play, it has the most comprehensive interface and easy-to-understand buttons. Lastly, after doing some transactions, the speed of this software is impressive. I also receive a note from them and from the community in Facebook that they are continually updating the app for better performance.