Power Saver and Screen Saver



Hello -

I have an X1 box and use Power Saver when we are not watching it. It used to just stay as a blank screen when in Power Saver mode. Now, in less than a minute the Screen Saver kicks in. I have the Screen Saver set to 5 hours, but once I go into Power Saver it comes on very quickly. I called in to Support and the guy I talked to had no clue. He didn't know why it was coming on or how to disable it.

Also, is there a way to disable hitting any button on the remote to "wake" the X1 box from Power Saver mode? I would like it to come on only when I hit the Power button. If any other gets bumped, the X1 box is coming on and we don't want that.

Can anyone please help me? Thank you...

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