Prather Calls for Unity on Mobile DTV

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Prather Calls forUnity on Mobile DTV - 2010-09-20 04:01:00 | Broadcasting & Cable

* There are two important topics in this article:
Mobile DTV and News Departments eliminating their live remote trucks.

From the article:

"Gray Television President/COO Robert Prather, who presides over the group’s 36 stations, including WKYT Lexington and WOWT Omaha, thinks broadcasters’ splinter efforts on mobile DTV are “a blow to the industry.” ...

"He also says that broadcasters will be looking to figure out a way to get rid of their live trucks in the next two years." ...

... "How big a deal is mobile DTV, and what is Gray doing to get ready for it?
I was real high on it a year ago. We’re testing in two markets–Omaha, and then Lincoln. I think the technology is clearly there, but when [a number of] station groups broke off and formed their own group, the Pearl [Project], I think it really hurt us as an industry. I think this could put us in danger of not being able to hold onto live mobile, and it could wind up going to the phone companies. Their model is totally different than the model that the OMVC has been working on. I believe it’s a real blow to the TV industry, frankly." ...

... "We’re going to Ross overdrive switchers, which are helping out with automation. One thing we just ordered is Streambox technology, which allows you to do live shots using Internet Protocol as opposed to having a live truck in the field. I think this can be huge for us; I’m convinced that live trucks are obsolete and it’s just a matter of time before they’ll all be replaced. They’re too expensive to operate and too cumbersome to set up, and it looks like there’s technology out there that can virtually replace them. In the next year or two, everybody will be looking to figure out a way to get rid of their live trucks." ...