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This question is about "Preferred Customer status doesn't matter to ATT", with DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports. I'm a ATT preferred customer and I have been with ATT since the early 90"s I have all my services with them including cell and home security I called to ask if they could lower my inverse/internet and home phone bundle. They said yes if I change to direct TV I don't like direct TV so I asked if they could help lower my bill with uverse and they said if I went down to 200 channels and drop the 300 channels and keep the phone and internet I could pay 30.00 less that's without taxes so I would be paying the same but with less channels .I informed them that I will drop all of my services including cell and security if they can't help lower my bill . I asked to talk to their manager and he said he was as high as I could go. I am very disappointed in ATT for the bad service they gave me and I hope that when I disconnect all of my services other family and friends will follow . I will be networking with family ,friends and customers about how bad after all of these years ATT treated me .
If this is how they treat a pefrerred customer I can only wonder how they treat non pefrerred customers.
I hope that those of you that read this reconsider shopping somewhere else.

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preferred customer status doesn't exist within att, whomever informed you of that made it up. There is no special status that an employee sees when he Logs into your account. While att appreciates all customers especially those that have all of their services with att, you should understand that att has provided those services to you since the 90s. I assume you have stayed with att since the 90s because they provided you excellent service without many headaches because if not, you would've already left. You pay for what you get when it comes to all of these services. The fact that you are leaving because att will not lower your bill doesn't make sense. When you got your U-verse service you signed a one year contract with a 1-2 year promotion. That promotion I assume is over, welcome to life and the terms you agreed to. You could always cancel your service, return your boxes and get it in your wife's should always know, within a year everything will be called AT&T TV and it will be delivered with either a dish or fiber, eventually the dish will go away. So if you get Directv now, eventually the fiber will serve as a backup incase service goes out. So I'd take advantage of the Directv promo before the don't offer you one when they do become att tv.