Premium channels not working - XFinity

In the past few days started having major issues with all premium movie channels (basically all channels 302-375). About 2 seconds after switching to one of these channels, the picture freezes and then switching to any of the other premium channels results in the dreaded "load" screen with the channel name and three loading dots. Have hard reset and unplugged multiple times and on multiple cable boxes. Was just on the phone with cs and they tried resetting a few times, no luck, and they then told me it has been reported and basically they have to investigate if this is a widespread issue or just me. Highly doubtful that many channels would be a widespread issue, and I've had the problem for several days now.... Any ideas? Again, I have no problems with any other channels, just 302-375.

This question, "Premium channels not working," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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