Premium Networks and HD Issue - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Premium Networks and HD Issue", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Well it took a tech to come out and working with his support contact we figured out why ALL my Premium channels are not in HD as shown in the online Guide. Up until this point, I was getting conflicting info and guesswork on the part of the support from TWC/Spectrum.

It turned out that I was still on a TWC TV/Internet/Phone subscription. This legacy subscription included a now defunct 'Enhanced DVR' feature that is no longer supported. Having this plan prevented a migration to current Spectrum plans and pricing as well as the changes that took place long ago to have all Premium channels broadcast in HD. Next step is to visit the only local store for me in SC and get things straightened out. It might mean new equipment and most likely a second DVR for the alternate TV to be able to record and watch programming. How these changes will correct the channel transmission in HD, I need to know to ensure after doing all this I don't still see many Premiums in SD resolution.

This topic covered Premium Networks and HD Issue, and TWC cable tv service.

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