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In the past I've ordered the MLB Extra Innings package and was wondering if anybody has an opinion on it or the comparable packages for other sports. I'll probably not get it this year simply because the streaming MLB.TV package now serves a similar purpose equally well. Anyway I only have experience with the baseball one and was wondering which of the sports does this sort of thing the best.


never ordered the MLB but we just ordered the NFl package on DirecTV which was pretty useless as we only wanted to watch a few teams anytime but i don't think we are gonna order it next year
I have considered ordering the NHL package next year. Being a Pens fan living in Caps country we rarely see a game. We lived in Pittsburgh for 18 months a were spoiled by seeing EVERY game on Roots sports. I haven't found a streaming yet that shows us the games, last time we tried to stream one it was a blackout game in our area. They should really consider a way for you to purchase a package based on team. That would be awesome....
I ordered the NFL package a few years ago...thought it was a waste of money until I moved to California. Now, I'm considering getting it for the 2014 NFL season since I'm not a huge fan of the teams typically broadcast out here (Chargers, 49ers, Arizona, etc). Will see though. For baseball, I would consider some type of package if I watched a lot of games and wanted to see some of the teams that I like to follow more often (Washington, Cincy), but tend to catch them enough to keep me happy.


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k this definitely isn't the cheapest package but the best i've come across as far as coverage goes is Setanta Sports. I had it for free for a month on some promotion and it was the best month of my life.
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