President To Speak On Value Of Broadband


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"On Thursday, Feb. 10, President Obama will travel to Marquette, Michigan, where local businesses have been able to grow as a result of broadband access, with particular benefit in exporting goods to new markets around the world," the White House announced."

Notice the fallacy: Businesses have been able to grow because of wired broadband access; therefore we need to reclaim more wireless spectrum. Warning: category error, warning: category error, warning: category error!!! Same thing with the Korea is ahead of us in broadband (wired); therefore we need to reclaim wireless spectrum. These people believe that we don't understand logic. Okay, maybe most people don't, and that is what they are counting on.


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Obama is an idiot. Countries like South Korea have fast broadband because they are running fast fiber WIRED networks to everyone. And they can do that with a country that size and population density.

Wireless is simply not going to provide the bandwidth to compete, period.

Private businesses are not going to run fiber to rural America, period. In fact they aren't even running it to the suburbs.

Believe it or not, the cable companies are doing pretty damn good with broadband. DOCSIS3 over HFC networks to me seems like the smartest strategy to deliver broadband over existing infrastructure with the future ability to push fiber deeper and deeper until it eventually reaches your home. All that is needed is a new CMTS and very little outside plant work, namely cleaning up the return path. Maybe some node splits if the company gets adventurous. But in reality that's not even needed.
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