'Pretty Little Liars' Premiere Recap

Last night was the season 4 premiere of ABC's Pretty Little Liars, an episode that thousands of teenage girls have been dying to see. Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars concluded with a whole lot of suspense and unanswered questions. Some recent occurrences were Hanna’s mom hitting Wilden with her car, Aria and Ezra’s devastating breakup, Spencer learning that Toby is alive, and lastly the group of best friends almost dying in a fire with Mona until they are rescued by Red Coat who they presume to be Ali. Season 3 left us with many cliff-hangers to say the least.

View attachment 2427 Season 4 gets off to a great start when we finally get to see what was in the trunk of Wilden’s police car. Is it a body? No, it’s just a dead pig. Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Mona all receive a text message that says “You’re mine now. Kisses. –A”. They don’t quite understand yet the consequences that text carries for them. Mona tries to remove the video of Hanna’s mom hitting Wilden with her car from the police laptop in the car and she finally succeeds before anyone else can see. They then head home and see the fire they barely survived on the local news. Spencer decides to play 3rd degree with Mona and finally get some solid answers out of her. Mona claims that she only put the police car into Hanna’s garage and didn’t do anything else with it. She says that Shawna knew Hanna? Before Rosewood and was in love with her. They supposedly were both afraid of Melissa. Mona thought CeeCee was Ali when she visited her at the hospital. Mona admits to recruiting Toby as well. She claims that she didn’t push Ian off the bell-tower.

The group falls asleep and when they wake up Mona is gone. They are immediately worried and suspicious, especially Hanna because Mona has the computer chip with the video on it. They don’t remember falling asleep and assume that they were drugged. Mona soon comes back with breakfast and coffee and Hanna demands the computer chip. Mona claims she can’t give it to her because she needs it to find out who Red Coat is. She says that “like it or not, we are all in this together”. And that statement is very true.

The Rosewood police find Wilden’s police car and also a dead Wilden. Wilden knew Hanna’s secret about her mom hitting him with her car. If “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead” then maybe Hanna does have a chance at keeping her secret. Mona decides to take the group to the lair. It is a trailer covered with pictures and dolls and other creepy artifacts. She gives them her opinion on the fire situation and believes that Red Coat saved them from the fire so that she could set them up for the murder of Wilden. She shows them a video from the Halloween train. Aria had accused Mona of putting her in the box with the dead body, but the video proves otherwise. It was Wilden. There was another person also and Mona said it was Melissa but then all of her files on her computer got deleted by an outside source. Suddenly they hear little kids saying “Alison come out come out wherever you are” and go to investigate. It is a group of little girls holding dolls that look like and are named after Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Mona. The girls say that their friend Alison gave them the dolls and started playing with them after Mona moved into the lair.

Emily worries about being blamed for the murder of Wilden and considers that Mona may be using them again since she wore gloves in his car and no one else did. She realizes that the text they got from A could mean that they might be framed for Wilden’s death. Alison’s mom decides to move back to town and Spencer eyes her creepily watching her through the window later in the episode. Toby and Spencer investigate the burnt down lodge, but leave when they see a shadow and know someone else is in there. Emily helps Ali’s mom move Ali’s old belongings back into the house and feels like she is either building a shrine for her daughter or knows that Ali is alive and wants the room to be ready for her.
Spencer finally reads about what exactly happened to Wilden the night he died by reading it in the newspaper. The autopsy showed that he was shot multiple times and was killed at a different place than where the body was found. The time of death was between 10 to 12 and they were at the lodge at that time. Toby and Spencer rekindle their relationship and are officially boyfriend and girlfriend once again. Toby then gets taunted by a text from A about how much he must miss his mom.

Last time Aria saw Ezra she told him “there never was a happy ending for us” and breaks up with him. She then ends up running into him at a coffee shop and doesn’t know how to act around him. He was being offered a permanent job at Rosewood. The principle of Rosewood High had previously questioned Aria on the status of her relationship with Ezra and she had replied that they had seen each other but stopped before it became serious. He later overhears her gushing about him and she becomes increasingly worried when she is called to the principal’s office. Aria nervously waits outside the office and when she is called in she finds out the horrifying truth. The cold-hearted A has sent the principle some pictures of Aria and Ezra in a compromising and touchy (literally) situation. He is being arrested for a felony in the hallway in front of everyone for sleeping with a student. Wait, just kidding! Aria just imagines all of that because she is worried, but the principle only needed her for something else. She texts Ezra that they need to see other people.

Paige tells Emily that she wants to go to Stanford which is far away from Rosewood and asks Emily to come with and proposes the idea that they can live together. Emily is reluctant at first because she had always planned on going to another college, but then agrees because she admits that it is a great idea and that they are both tired of living in fear and always being scared. After a day of shopping, Mona tells Hanna that she knows she is faking the friendship and gives her the computer chip anyway. Jenna, the blind girl, tells Emily that Wilden was her friend and also that if anything happened to her that she wanted Emily to tell Toby that she never meant to hurt him.

Spencer sees Ali’s mom watching her from her window. When she leaves, Spencer gets a text saying “Closed caskets keep secrets. His is open and exposes yours. Kisses bitches. –A” and includes Wilden’s obituary. At his funeral, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria split up to look for the casket. Spencer finds it and sees Mona in the room. They hear a phone ringing in the casket and it says that there is a missed call from Kisses. Spencer calls the phone and Hanna is on the other line. The phone is actually Hanna’s mom’s phone that was taken from her. Later in the service, they spot a woman dressed in all black lace looking suspicious.

Toby gets a text message from A commanding him to bring her the lair if he wants to know more about his mom. He then has a flashback of him and Ali in his room about to kiss and his mom acting strange and Ali being mean about it. At the funeral, the group is stopped by another detective who is investigating the deaths of Garret Reynolds and Wilden also. He says he just wants to find out the truth. Don’t we all? The girls get a text that says “The truth won’t set you free bitches. I’m going to bury you with it. Kisses. –A”. The text also contains a video of Mona stealing the computer chip from Wilden’s car and the other girls participating and looking suspicious. The last scene shows the lady wearing all black lace remove her head covering to show a creepy mask that looks eerily like Ali.

This episode answered many questions and of course left us with many more including the prevalent question who is Red Coat? Tune in next week to find out more of the mystery.
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