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when I press the previous channel button on the directv remote, it takes me to a station I hadn't even watched, and a second press takes me to another previously unwatched channel. This first occurred a week ago, and I had to reboot the receiver. it then worked fine. now it's doing it again. anyone else with this issue?

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Directv problems on problems on problems

I'm having the same problem, this is like problem fifty so far, the direct dvr has been nothing but aggravation. Going back to dish as soon as possible. Hopefully someone will answer our Q



Yep - I have the same problem too. Extremely frustrating. I noticed the "Last 4" drop down list is not updating as I change channels. This list only has 2 local channels and keeps flipping between those 2 when I hit the previous channel button. Direct TV PLEASE FIX THIS!!

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